My friends are getting married, and I'm just 25 and drunk.

When I see how much money baby things cost

and I’m like…

MFAM on Facebook

UPDATE: Facebook has restored the ability to post links to and share MFAM posts!!  You should now be able to post any links, share posts via the MFAM Facebook page, or share through the Facebook button on this site.  Thank you, everyone for bombarding the internets yesterday!  MFAM Nation is the best fam on the web.
MFAM Nation!  As you may have noticed, this morning Facebook began blocking the posting and sharing of all links from Myfriendsaremarried, and purged my Facebook page of all linked content.  Many of you have voiced your discontent on both Facebook and Twitter today, and I am just as upset as you!  Facebook has admitted fault in blocking links before, and if you believe a mistake has been made, please consider voicing your opinion to Facebook via the “Report a Problem” form, Twitter, or by signing my petition at Change.org.  
Facebook has been a phenomenal way for me to get to know all of you, and hear your stories and thoughts on MFAM posts - and many of you have told me that is where you originally came across MFAM.  Let’s do our best to let them know what we want.  If our married friends can post photos of poop-filled diapers and placentas, MFAM has a place on Facebook also!

When my friend tells me I need to be more approachable

and I’m like…